Lead Frontend Developer

London, England, United Kingdom


We're looking for an experienced lead frontend developer to join our team and help make the HealthUnlocked website a best-in-class javascript application.

This is an opportunity for you to put your hard-won experience to work to positively impact the lives of millions of people. It’s an opportunity to define your vision of what excellence looks like and lead our team in realising that vision.

You’ll need to be pragmatic about your plan; we’re a small team with competing priorities to balance. Being able to communicate your ideas, and their benefits, to both technical and non-technical colleagues will be key.

You’ll need to be a team-player: collaborative in the way you work and supportive of the people you work with - and you’ll find us supportive of you in turn! We’re big believers in the importance of psychological safety to a high-performing team.

Our stack

Our current front-end stack is React, Redux, and Nextjs, so experience with those libraries/frameworks (at least React and Redux) is important. We like functional programming: we use Clojure on the backend, and try to keep our javascript functional too. We deploy our code (several times a day) in Docker containers, to AWS infrastructure provisioned with Terraform.

What is HealthUnlocked?

HealthUnlocked is a social network for health. We help people find the support and information they need to better manage their condition, meet their wellbeing goals, and improve their lives. We connect our users from all over the world with others in the same situation, helping them find support and advice from people who understand.

To achieve this we have created more than 700 health communities; partnering with over 600 non-profit organisations in 200 different condition areas, across 3 languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese). We have over 750k registered users and around 4m unique users a month.

How we make money

As people use HealthUnlocked they generate tangible therapeutic value, both for themselves and others. We package that value and pass it on. For example, healthcare payers looking to keep people healthy pay to onboard their population into HU and reap the reward of better outcomes and lower costs. In the case of an insurer in the US that means fewer claims generated by more activated patients. In the case of the UK that means lower costs to the NHS (and so on).

Who we are

We're a small team motivated by the thought of doing something good for the world. We care about diversity: we have a 50/50 male/female split across the company, as well as in technical roles, and welcome applications from people of all genders, ethnicities, and other underrepresented groups. We try to work smart, not hard, and discourage working long hours. We also have a lot of fun! And there's no better feeling than knowing you're building something that matters.


As well as strong experience with Javascript, React, and Redux, these are some of the key skills we're looking for for the role:


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