Community Safety and Support Manager

London, England, United Kingdom · Community Operations


HealthUnlocked is the world’s largest social network for health, connecting people with the same health needs and chronic conditions to each other.

A new diagnosis can be a scary - and lonely - time. You might not know anyone else with the same condition - in fact, we know from our user surveys that more than ⅔ of our users didn’t know anyone with the same condition before they joined. It’s impossible to overstate how different it feels talking to someone who’s been there before; to someone who understands.

This is why HealthUnlocked exists. We’re a platform for self-care. Our network is made up of over 700 communities built around health and wellbeing needs, to help you find credible information, peer-support and advice about your health challenge.


Independent academic research has determined the more people use HealthUnlocked, the more activated they become. Activated means greater knowledge, skills, and confidence and refers to the Patient Activation Measure, a metric which has demonstrated one very important thing: activated patients save the health system money.

The team

We're a small team motivated by the thought of doing something good for the world. We care about diversity: we have a 50/50 male/female split across the company, and welcome applications from people of all genders, ethnicities, and other underrepresented groups. We try to work smart, not hard, and discourage working long hours. We also have a lot of fun! And there's no better feeling than knowing you're building something that matters.

The role

HealthUnlocked puts people at the centre of health care, and their safety at the heart of everything we do. We are looking for an empathetic, positive, and excellent communicator who can take on the challenge of safeguarding our users and the online presence of our partners. The person joining us will give first class support to our members, who use HealthUnlocked to manage their own health in the best possible way.

The role needs a hands-on manager, who can organise the workload and build a team to safeguard vulnerable members in high-risk situations within our platform, resolving online conflict, on-boarding new moderators, managing inappropriate content, answering questions about how to use our communities, and investigating technical issues.

The ideal candidate will value the opportunity to be at the frontline, working as a bridge between users and our internal teams. Our Help Centre, user-generated reports, alerts, and others channels give us extremely valuable information that needs to be analysed. planned and communicated to other teams inside our company in order to improve the experience of our users. Therefore, an important part of the role is to identify new processes to work side by side with our product, communities, technical and commercial teams.



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