Senior Backend Developer

London, England, United Kingdom


Want to do meaningful work that helps improve people’s lives? To work as part of a diverse, friendly, and supportive team? To be involved in every stage of building a product, from design through to deployment? Then come work with us at HealthUnlocked! 😊

We are a small team, where every person counts - you'll be able to see your work having an impact immediately. We have a healthy working culture that actively discourages working long hours and values autonomy and creativity. 🎨

We also care about diversity. We have a roughly 50/50 male/female split across the company as a whole (including in technical roles), and welcome applications from people of other genders, and from other groups underrepresented in tech, too. 💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿🏳️‍🌈

About HealthUnlocked

A new diagnosis can be a scary - and lonely - time. You might not know anyone else with the same condition - in fact, we know from our user surveys that more than ⅔ of our users didn’t know anyone with the same condition before they joined. It’s impossible to overstate how different it feels talking to someone who’s been there before; to someone who understands.

This is why HealthUnlocked exists. We’re a platform for self-care: our collection of online communities, run by our expert partner organisations, provides emotional support and advice to our more than 1 million registered users (and ~4 million visitors per month) across more than 200 different conditions.


We're looking for a Senior Backend Developer to join the team in our London office. We use Clojure heavily, so experience in this or another functional language is a big plus. AWS skills will come in handy too - we deploy our code in Docker containers to our Terraform managed AWS infrastructure. We like to move fast and release small increments frequently - you’ll be deploying to production within your first few days. 🚢

If you’re an experienced developer with skills in Clojure or other functional languages, and you want to put those skills to good use, get in touch! 📨


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